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Course Program

1 module 8 lessons
Objective: to obtain minimum knowledge.

1. Microcontroller. Arduino Architecture.
2. C, Arduino C, variables, functions.
3. LEDs, Ohm’s Law, PWM.
4. Clock and capacitive buttons.

5. Soldering.Piezoelectric radiator, Buzzer.
6. Sound transducer. 7.External interruptions.
8.Servomotors, rangefinders. Seven-segment indicator.

2 module 8 sessions

Objective: to assemble automated heaters.

  1. Humidity and temperature sensor dht11.
  2. CO2 mq7 carbon monoxide sensor.
  3. LCD16x2 display and driver.
  4. RGB LED strip, solder.
  5. PIR motion sensor.
  6. RFID tag, card and protein.
  7. 5110LCD Nokian Display
  8. Gathering greenhouses on Arduino.

3 module 8 sessions

Objective: to assemble a model of a smart home.

  1. Relay module, connection to 220v.
    2. Matrix keyboard, pin codes.
    3. DC motor.
    4. Stepping motor and driver.
    5. Photo resistor GL5528.
    6. Shift registers.
    7. Assembling the entire layout of a smart house.
    8. Connection of Bluetooth application.

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Benefits of learning

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Access on any device. Real and up-to-date knowledge. Autonomous learning can be both an alternative and an additional source of knowledge. Ability to try their hand at programming, robotics and blogging. The course format consists of theoretical lectures and practical tasks. In addition to the course there is modern literature for more fundamental knowledge.

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Course creator. Founder of Robot House LLC, Human Robotics LLC. Worked in one team: Apple, Pocketbook, Google, Cisco.

10 years of experience in creating solutions for automation, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Consultant at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

IT entrepreneur 2018.


Frequent questions

1. What will I know after finishing the course?

You will know the basic things about the world of automation, electronics and programming. You can find a list of all the topics in the Course Program.

2. Do I need to buy my own electronics kit?

The course has an online electronics emulator, but it is better to buy your own set of electronics. You can buy it from us. The list of components.

3. job placement after the course?

Our company issues certificates, as well as can offer candidates for internships after the course. What are employers looking at? To determine the level of knowledge it is not enough just to know, it is necessary to take a test job, which is provided by the employer. Human qualities are just as important. In addition, you can always try yourself on the freelance exchanges. Upwork. com, freelance. ru, freelance. ua, etc.

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