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Course Program

1 module 8 lessons 

Aim: to get minimum knowledge, algorithms, functions.

  1. Plan of employments. 
  2. Tuple/Corteges.
  3.  Dictionaries | of Dictionaries.
  4.  Functions | of Functions.
  5. Visual Studio Code.
  6. Terms | of Conditions.
  7. Cycles | of Loops.
  8. ООП | OF OOP.

2 module 8 lessons

Aim: intent on the study of different elements, work with files.

  1. Regular expressions | of Expressions.
  2. Datetime.
  3. Calendar | of Calendar.
  4. Lists — Advanced.
  5. Files | of Files.
  6. Verification of files | of File Check.
  7. Printing-down | of Copy.
  8. Renaming | of Rename.

3 module 8 lessons

Aim: Финализируем of knowledge and we create in itself a programmer.

  1. Archives.
  2. PyUnit.
  3. CSV.
  4. Python vs Java .
  5. 10 reasons and PHP.
  6. How to become a programmer.
  7. Testing of code.
  8. Final testing.

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Benefits of learning

Best solution in a pandemic

Access on any device. Real and up-to-date knowledge. Autonomous learning can be both an alternative and an additional source of knowledge. Ability to try their hand at programming, robotics and blogging. The course format consists of theoretical lectures and practical tasks. In addition to the course there is modern literature for more fundamental knowledge.

Student feedback



Bogdan Glushko is Director of company Z — Digital group, certified Google developer with a 8 summer experience of programming of mobile applications, чат-ботов and artificial intelligence.

Frequent questions

1. That will I know after completion of course? you will know base things in the world of programming of Python. List all that and скилов it is possible to find in Program of course.

2. Why exactly Python? Included in топ of 3 programming languages today and his development increases the progression +of 30% every year. A language can be used as for electronics, so for mobile and web of programming.

3. Employment after completion of course? Our company gives out certificates, and similarly can offer the candidatures of students on internship after completion of course. What do employers look at? For determination of level of knowledge simply not enough gentlefolks, it is necessary to hand over a test task that is given by an employer. Human qualities are similarly important. Besides it, it is always possible to try itself on freelance exchanges. Upwork. com, freelance. ru, freelance. ua and т. of д.

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